No More Bedding Changes in the Middle of the Night!

The revolutionary washable bed pad that lies ON TOP of bed sheets and stays in place all night.



"Very impressed with my purchase, as it does everything that is says it does! Stays in place and contains all the moisture on the mat. It does not leak through to sheet and mattress. It’s been highly tested already in the 8 days using it. My nights have been far less disturbed as very quick and easy." - Kirsty

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  • PeapodMats are waterproof and leakproof.

    100% Waterproof

    PeapodMats bed pads use POD-TEX™ technology, making them waterproof & breathable at the same time!

  • PeapodMats stay in place on the bed.

    Stay in Place

    With a grippy bottom layer, these revolutionary bedwetting mats stay in place all night without straps or flaps.

  • PeapodMats are quick and easy to change.

    Quick to Change

    If an accident happens, just whisk the PeapodMat away and put it in your regular wash.

What are PeapodMats?

These revolutionary 100% waterproof bed mats stay in place all night without straps. Best washable bed mats for incontinence & bedwetting.

✅Lies on top of the bedsheet and stays in place all night long

✅ Quick and easy to change

✅ Eco-friendly and cost-effective

✅ Breathable - no extra sweating!

✅ Quick and easy to change

✅ No rustling

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