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Revolutionary waterproof mat that lies ON TOP of bed sheets and stays in place all night.  


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These are amazing. I was a bit sceptical that they wouldn't keep the sheet underneath completely dry but they do. I just wish I had found these sooner! It makes those bed-wetting accidents in the middle of the night that bit easier and less washing!


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This mat is AMAZING! My girl is 5 and has very tricky sensory needs. If it crinkcles, crunches or creases she won't sleep on it, but then our Peapod arrived. Not only is it brilliantly waterproof (she tested it straight away with some juice) , she also slept in her own bed throughout the night!


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"My toddler actually loves sleeping on them as they are so comfortable. No rustling and dry quick when washed"



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"This mat doesn't move, is soft and comfortable and quick drying!"

— moopow11



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