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"The PeapodMat works wonderfully for my old dog who sometimes has accidents in her sleep. Makes clean up so much nicer and saves the floor and furniture" - Jen 

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I think these are the best. I have an older dog who sometimes has bladder control issues. Unfortunately, she has developed a habit of sleeping on our bed, sofa, etc. We have spoiled her over the years so it would be too cruel to stop her now. So I bought a couple of PeapodMats and they work beautifully and wash up so well"


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My 5 year old deaf cattle dog hes monthly seizures. We have thrown away so mnay dog beds it's crazy.  We've even had to throw away couch cushions. Tried lining everything with plastic that didn't last long. Your idea is perfect as now we can line the beds with your mats and not have to worry!!


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Absolutely fabulous product! I am so impressed with the size, quality, washability & dry-ability (that’s not a word!) of this product. We use these pads for our beautiful dog, who has a sneaky wee in the night. She loves to snuggle on her PeapodMat at bedtime!


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These work great and are large enough to cover up anything you need covered for protection.

— Melanie



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